A Touch of Sinatra

A Touch of Sinatra is a musical show about the life and music of Frank Sinatra, narrated by Joe Gilligan and performed by Donnie Farraro. You will be entertained with the story of the life of Frank Sinatra, the songs that made him one of the most renowned singers of the 20thc century along with  funny stories and jokes that together will provide the most entertaining experience that your organization has ever experienced

Donnie Farraro : In 2004 Donnie was diagnosed with stage 4 throat Cancer. Donnie was not expected to live, let along sing. Donnie has been  an inspiration to many, singing at about 100 performances a year. Donnie is the most authentic sounding Frank Sinatra singer that you will hear

 Joe Gilligan: Joe Gilligan is a former singer and founder of the oldies group Reminisce. Reminisce warmed the hearts of many, singing nostalgic songs of the past. Joe is the creative writer for the  “A Touch of Sinatra” show. Joe has done research of some of the unknown facts of Frank Sinatra and incorporated them into the entertaining show that last for approximately one hour

 Mike Dellutri: Mike is an advanced technology expert and has performed extensive technology engagements with major corporations throughout the metropolitan area.